Symptoms, Causes & Treatments Of Pain In Top Of Foot

Some people suffer from pain in top of foot. This is often due to an injury suffered in an accident, a medical condition such as diabetes, or even simply growing older. This pain can be very disturbing and uncomfortable. In some cases, the pain is constant, while sometimes it might come and go with time.

The first step in treating such a pain in foot is to determine the root cause for it. The causes can range from a slight irritation in the foot muscle to some serious health issue. The first and most important thing for anyone who suffers from such pain is to consult a doctor right away, so that the cause for the pain can be determined as early as possible.

Here are some common symptoms besides pain that help you to determine if you need to visit a doctor:

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People who experience top of foot pain also sometimes experience swelling and redness in their feet. The area where you feel the pain in foot becomes tender to touch.
The effect of pain intensifies during walking, running or lifting weights.

If you suffer any such symptoms or just the pain in top of your foot, you should talk to your doctor or physician to help you figure out the cause for it. While the pain might be same in all cases but the symptoms for pain in top of foot can vary. Here are some most common symptoms of such pain, as underlined by experts and doctors:

Doctors suggest that bone spurs, tendonitis, stress fracture or sprain are possible causes in patients experiencing pain in the top area of feet. In some cases, diseases like diabetes, nerve entrapment or arthritis can also be the reason for such pain.

In cases of women, sometimes pregnancy, medication or hormonal imbalance has also been discovered to be the cause for top of the foot pain.

Determining the right cause for pain in your foot is necessary if you want the right treatment for it. Judging it on your own without consulting a doctor can be even more harmful, because if you try to counter the pain without treating the root cause, it will probably get worse with time. While your doctors and physicians can help you recover from the problem, here are some tips that you follow to help you cure the pain:

You can use foot orthotics to align your foot properly. An orthotic will help provide equal weight distribution on both feet and arch support for your feet. This helps to reduce the pressure on your nerves and tissues, thus lowering the pain.

In some cases, the uncomfortable design of shoes or tight fit of the shoes can be the cause of top-of-foot pain. Therefore, anyone suffering from pain in their fee should avoid wearing high heels or uncomfortable shoes. Wear shoes that fit your feet properly.

In some cases, massage can help to relax the muscles and tissues in foot. If muscle stress is or an uncomfortable shoe is the cause of pain in your foot, the massage can help you recover quickly and it can provide comfort in pain as well.

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